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I didn't sell you the land so no you can't build any houses there !

Is how this article should read !

How can a Parish Council chairman sell his land in Waltham Village for development of 199 houses then jump on our band wagon about Village infrastructure not being able to cope with more housing in the Village ?

This can't be right ?

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Please find below a button for the Bradley Road development of 66 houses NELC comments page as this is all part of Waltham. Please visit and leave comments.

Please help to keep Waltham the lovely Village it is !

We do not want to become just another part of Grimsby Town.

If the proposed developments go ahead then it will affect all of us in the Village .

Not just those who live behind or next to the new developments.

The Traffic will increase dramatically ( and it is bad enough as it is especially in the morning and at teatime ) .

Westfield Road will become a rat run  and Fairway  short cutting traffic will also increase.

Now this is going to make it extremely hazardous for our children walking to School.

Now having mentioned the School children there are 60 places annually for the Waltham Leas  but there are already 120 kids chasing these places.

What happens when we have more residents with young Children who can't get into their Local School ?

There are many other points that will affect us all including Flooding, Parking etc etc.

So yes, these developments do affect all of the residents in Waltham so Please Help !

​Visit the Planning department website and voice your objections just click here on the Red Button.

Proposed Brigsley Road Development 

News !

Now this makes interesting reading !

NELC mentions in their latest Monitoring Report that between 2001 and 2011 the population increase in the NELC area was 1% ( now on a population of 159,616 according to 2011 Census that is an increase of 1596 people ).

NELC forecasts in the monitoring report that between 2012 and 2037 they forecast  the population to increase by 2.4% ( now working on the the Census figure of 159,616 that equates to 3830 people ) so why do NELC say they need to build over 13,000 new homes in the same period  ???????

 Scartho Top was given it's planning permission back in 1985 and is still only half built as they can't sell the houses ?

A resident from Waltham made enquiries at one of the new sites down Humberston Ave a few weeks ago for a new house with an asking price of £345,000.00 

The developer rang them last week to ask if they would be interested in the new house at a reduced price of £295,000.00.

So these new houses they are all madly building are not selling ?? 

​They have now stopped building altogether !!!!!!

 Breaking News

Cyden Homes Planning application for the Hyde off Brigsley Road has been turned down this morning by the NELC Planning Committee

in a vote of 7/1 against approving the planning application !!

Thats called a result !! 


Cyden Homes 

​They have given a name to their proposed development off Brigsley Road !

​It is to be called The Hyde !

Proposed Bradley Road Development

We are now getting noticed and being taken seriously

See the Grimsby Evening Telegraph report

We are starting with the proposed development behind Sterling Crescent/  Chestnut Road/ Elsham Drive and rear of Brigsley Road by developer Cyden Homes.

                                W R A G

 Would like to thank the Waltham Royal British Legion for providing a room for the members of WRAG to meet and discuss our weekly updates.

​Thank you guys !!

Waltham Residents Action Group

( W R A G )

Another Telegraph report

Now this can't be right !

It is ok to sell off your land for 199 houses to be built on but it is not ok for somebody to build only 7 houses on the outskirts of the Village because it will affect the village too much  ???

This a new website aimed at helping the residents of Waltham have their say on developments being proposed for our Village !