Waltham Residents Action Group

There are many concerns for this proposed development and hopefully over the next few weeks we will be able to address them all.

Anybody wishing to put a Banner up on their fence or hedge or an objection Banner in their window please let us know !

It would appear that a Neighbourhood Plan carries more weight than a Parish Council Community Led Plan when it comes to what the residents of Waltham Village would like to happen to Waltham in regards to  further development !

So why haven't we got one ???

 Here extracted  pages from the Sustainability Appraisal that reference HOU111, ( the land behind Brigsley road/ Chestnut road/ Elsham drive and Sterling Crescent ) the Appraisal which determined that the development was to be included in the 2016 Pre-Submission Local Plan.  Interesting that on the second page (page 56 of the actual document) that HOU111 is not listed as a preferred site but was included in the Local Plan because it was being actively promoted and under single ownership stated on the fifth page (331 of the actual document).


Are we all sure our Parish Council is working in our best interests for the Village of Waltham ???


On this page you will find information we have up to now and will regularly be updated as things progress.

Look at the assessment of the land by NELC 

So here we have the latest planning application submitted by the developer, asking for permission to build 199 houses of various types.